Oh, man…

We just found out that my mother-in-law passed away quite unexpectedly and suddenly. That’s all we know at this time. 

I’m sorry if I have to step aside until we get this most awkward and sudden situation taken care of and grieve properly as a family.


6 thoughts on “Oh, man…

  1. So sorry for the loss and for the suddenness. I assume it was a phone call out of the blue type of thing, the phone call we all dread getting. I really feel for your father in law. I think I remember from long ago posts that he is still alive and they were a close couple, helped with the boys. If I have that wrong, sorry.

    Remember that you have learned what not to do, all last fall and winter. I think it helps to have a sturdiness behind you. Know what you need to eat. Know to sleep and drink water. If there is no time/spirit for exercise, at least keep the food, water, sleep as it should be to take care of yourself.

  2. Hey there – sorry I do not have your email or else I wouldn’t comment right here with this but first just wanted to say hope you and your sweet family are doing all right. You must be excited to be moving soon and getting everything ready. If you are interested I would like to give you some of my DVD collection for work outs at home. Can we talk by email about it?

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