New House Stuff…

New House Stuff...

Well, since there’s not much going on with the whole weight loss stuff (I’m exercising and eating right…not much else to say since weigh-in day is June 1 anyway), I’ve been filling in the holes in my days with stuff for the new house. I did the schedules for the rest of May, June, July and August (and September – I’ll explain in a second*) and I nearly choked on how much I really have to tackle for this move. Oy!

Anyway, it’ll be a much needed, happy process…a lot of hard work and sweat, but we SOOOOOO need this (especially before the building burns down due to the careless smokers and/or the neighborhood arsonist).

This weekend, I worked on Jude’s Penguin Books canvas. I have another one to do for him, but it was honestly so much of a pain in the ass that I’m not 100% sure if I want to do another one. Don’t get me wrong, I would do it because I love the dude enough to suffer through all that handy work (all those letters by hand…oh, all those letters by hand!), but…I dunno. Maybe one will suffice. Haha! Additionally, I worked on surprise sneakers for the boys’ cousin because she’s also a huge “My Little Pony” fan (not sure if I explained this or not yet, but Coco is THE biggest MLP fan I’ve ever met…a self-proclaimed “Brony”).

Yep...all by hand.

Yep…all by hand.

MLP shoes. Custom stuff. (Yes, this is the stuff I do for fun)

MLP shoes. Custom stuff. (Yes, this is the stuff I do for fun)

I also went out and got more primer for the apartment and for the laminate furniture I’ll be revamping for the big move once I figure out which piece is going where in the new house. Plus, I ordered the duvet for the master bedroom (pictured way up there). I have the new lighting fixture picked out and ready to purchase (ugh…and install…how?…I don’t know). On Monday, we went to Lowe’s and picked out the paint colors for Jude’s room and the living room/dining and kitchen (first floor), but we’ll still need to get our colors. One thing is for certain, I’m painting that crappy wood paneling a refreshing white…maybe with milk paint…not certain yet, but it’s G-O-N-E. It’s the only paneling in the house and I hate it…much like I hate that friggin’ fan. Ugh.

DuvetNew House

I also need to get Coco’s colors for his bedroom going. Today, I decided to do one awesome accent wall with a giant dinosaur skeleton on it (as seen below). Cuz…it’s a dinosaur room.


Tomorrow, I am taping up the living room and priming the walls a blah-blah white in an attempt to try and get back our entire security deposit. I kind of don’t mind living with bare and white walls for the next, what?…88 days because I’m so through with this dump. Haha!

Today, like a good gal, I mailed out BOTH our non-renewal-of-lease letters via certified mail (sent one to management office here and one to the corporate center to CMB). Presently, I have to go make tonight’s broccoli/chicken stir-fry while the Mexican music pounds through the ceiling. It’s always confusing to eat one kind of ethnic food while another kind of ethnic music is being played in the background. Don’t believe me? Try eating Italian food while you’re listening to a Mariachi band. Fun stuff.

*We need to be out of this apartment by midnight on September 30, but we’re moving into the new house early (just to get out of here!). Therefore, we’re prepping both the apartment and the new place over the next three months, but we’re saving the bulk of the cleaning for after we are out of the apartment. We’ll come back and give it a grand cleaning (nothing overlooked…like…pull out the fridge and scrub, remove all mini-blinds and wash, dust the baseboard heaters, refinish the tub with caulk, etc.) and then give them back their keys mid-September…once Jude’s back in school and I can really lay into my work.


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