Not Much…

There’s not much going on here. I work this weekend. It’s been so quiet that I’m occupying my time with crafts because I’m a nerd. The boys are doing well. The “diet” is going well. I still feel like a blob and any time I do anything physical, I feel like I’ll die, but it’s going to change eventually. I’m trying not to dwell on the whole time factor of weight loss. 

I’m trying to remain positive in spite of the fact that there feels like there’s no change in my jeans or shirts. The scale will come out on June 1 and we’ll see if the hard work and sacrifice is paying off or if my body has finally succumbed to its destroyed metabolism due to starts and stops for 27 years.  

Tomorrow, we’re all off work/school and I’m hoping to make it a super active day. We do have a BBQ planned for the four of us, but nothing over-the-top or gorge-a-licious. There will be dessert: cherry veggie gelatin with blueberries and cream. That’s the “big hurrah.” I’ll post pics to the Instagram and write it all down in my journal. Blah, blah, blah. 

Today, I’m working on typing up my 90-day-written notice to the crappy management company to let them know we will be moving and not renewing our lease in October. I’ve heard from former tenants that management has a history of saying “we never got your 90-day written notice so we’re taking you to court to get more money from you.” I’m sending two letters: one to the office here via certified mail and the other to the head office down the road via certified mail. I’m not an idiot. Oh, they also like to say to people who are moving out “you still owe us the last month’s rent because you didn’t pay it when you moved in.” I’m ordering our check from 2009 that proves that we paid first, last and the security deposit (which we paid AGAIN when they mysteriously raised it and had us pay the difference of last year…weird). Chubby ain’t playin’ games with these turds anymore. 

90 more days until we move. The packing commences next week, as does the priming of the apartment walls to prevent them from saying we didn’t take care of the place…which we did. Sneaky, sneaky farts.

Have a good day. Make it count. 


One thought on “Not Much…

  1. Sometimes it is so hard to stay positive when making positive changes, but it will be so worth it in the end. I hope the management does the right thing and gives you back everything you deserve. Keeping copies and sending things certified is the smart thing to do!

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