Oh, Boy

Oh, Boy

I have that wonderful TimeHop app on my phone. Pretty much, any time I see “4 years ago” pop up, I get a little woozy because I know that was when I was at the peak of my fatness. When a “4 Years Ago” pops up and has a picture of Jude in it, I really feel sick to my stomach. The above photo is what I saw this morning after I had gotten him all prepped and ready for school and it put things into perspective for me.

While I did pack on 32.4 pounds over this one particular winter myself, I didn’t fail Jude. I pretty much stuck to my guns when it came to watching what he was eating over the last few months. We did fall behind in activity and I blame that partly on my own lethargy and partly on how cold and long the winter was, but Jude didn’t gain weight. His BMI stayed down enough to not warrant that dreaded letter from the school nurse. He also stayed leaner than he would have if I didn’t pay attention to his serving sizes and food intake.

Basically, he’s a far cry from where he was four years ago, when our entire family was on a collision course with spiraling into your typical obese American household. He’s still very active (in spite of his love for MineCraft and books) and he eats worlds better than his father and I. His breakfast this a.m. was an egg white omelet w/ whole wheat toast and orange marmalade. His lunch is pita with hummus and Babybel, a granola bar, raisins and a Greek yogurt. He’s no longer eating what I used to give him 4 years ago…I shudder to remember preparing him huge meals involving a ton of processed foods like two frozen waffles with Cool Whip (what was I thinking!?) and/or Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with Lord knows what Little Debbie treat on the side.

So…this photo of him 4 years ago did get me down slightly…made me feel like a failure as a parent, but then it also made me realize just how far we’ve all come (yes, even with my recent 30 pound gain). We could have easily gone back to our old weights. We could have easily gone back to pre-packaged mac and cheese and Cool Whip globs. We could have remained on our couch all spring (and summer) and slowly put on 60 more pounds each. But…here we are back on track…Jude especially since he’s really excited to be “training” (LOL!…”training”) for “The Color Run” in two months.

So I’m going to say that I’m grateful I 1.) didn’t fail him completely while I wallowed in winter pity and 2.) that we didn’t lose total focus of how gross we were beginning to feel as we put on the weight and as we remembered how we never wanted to go back to 250 pounds a pop here. That, ladies and gentlemen, is as positive of a spin that I can put on all this stuff. And I’m gonna run with it.

Speaking of running…I need to get off of here and get my workout in for the day! See ya!


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