Going Again!

Going Again!

Yesterday, we received our VIP email from “The Color Run” which offered a discounted price for registration. At the time, we were out and about, walking all through Chestnut Hill, PA in the gorgeous weather (raking in well over 10,000 steps in the process). As soon as we got home, about three hours later, we logged on to the computer and signed up our team.

We’ll be at it again on July 19 in Philadelphia, running in honor of the big guy’s 8th (OMG! EIGHTH?!) birthday. He’s excited to give it a go again. He loved it last year and can’t wait to see if they have new colors. His little brother is also stoked and pretty much refused to be in the stroller this year because he, too, wants to run. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that he won’t be able to run it either because Coco is basically energy incarnate.

Am I bummed that Jude doesn’t want a cake-filled boring old birthday party this year? Nope. Not at all. He’s determined to be active and healthy and to usher in a new year of life as such. His new sneakers should be here tomorrow and we plan to break ’em in over the next two months.

Yay for a healthy lifestyle!


2 thoughts on “Going Again!

  1. Yaaaayyy!! You will all come out champions, I’m sure. It is hard to grasp that Jude will be 8, though. And “little” Alex doesn’t need a stroller (sigh). It all goes by so fast.
    Cannot wait to see pictures of this year’s adventure. Prayers for great weather and a great run. Love to you all!

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