New House Project #1

I have a lot on tap today (ugh…Mondays) including an exercise with Mr. McGee as soon as he comes back from dropping the big kid off at the bus stop this morning. Then, it’s laundry, chores and errands with the little dude. Luckily, tonight, I get a chance to go out with just my hubby to see a movie in a theater. That’s something that hardly ever happens and I’m thrilled about it. Busy, busy, busy. Healthy, healthy, healthy. I’m making it a constant goal to maintain a balance between the stuff  I need to get done and the body that I want to reclaim. 

Today, I’ll also be procuring the items I’ll need to make the focal artwork for Jude’s bedroom in the new house. I’ll be able to set up the boys’ rooms before we move all the furniture into the house and I’m stoked that I’ll be able to get most of the painting out of the way prior to even packing anything up here. We already purchased Jude’s duvet cover which, in turn, gave us the color scheme: neutral grays and greens. (The entire house will be done in neutrals with a splash of one of these sea-green-blues in the kitchen.) He’s really into penguins and I figured the best thing would be to have a giant canvas with a giant penguin on it that basically screams “JUDE (THE OBSCURE)” on it hanging off his wall….

Alas, I bring to you, the first of many projects for the new place via this link

My goal is to recreate a custom sanctuary for Jude in the new house that has elements like the one featured by “The Company Store” which is where I got his duvet (pictured below) on clearance for about $40 (with free shipping) instead of $130…cuz I rock. The kid deserves his own escape since he’s been living with clingy-nosy Coco for four years and hating every second of it. Ha, ha! Each room in the new house will cost me less than $200 to do, too with the help of upscaling yard sale items and great, inexpensive Internet finds…and re-purposing furniture we already have (like our old dining room table that I’m going to be sawing and sanding down to make into our living room’s new coffee table (you’ll see that project too!). Did I mention that the new house has a tool bench and workroom next to the laundry room? Well, it does…praise the heavens!


So…I’ve gotta get moving because the exercise and the prepping for the new place won’t get done by itself.

Happy Monday! Make it count.


One thought on “New House Project #1

  1. You’re making ME tired w/your Things To Do list…
    But MY hubby disappeared last night when I dusted off my DDP Yoga DVD & plugged it in… Is it a mere coincidence that I got the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a LONG time??!!?? You be the judge!

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