“I’m sorry for what I said when I was hangry”

While “hangry” isn’t an actual word, it’s been tossed around my house a lot over the last five days. I’m angry and I’m hungry. I’m hangry. My stomach is growling with the enthusiasm of a caged tornado and, I won’t lie, I’ve had to shield my eyes from certain commercials or TV shows and breathe through my nose around particular foods lately to stave off a ninja-jump attack into the kitchen. My husband, in particular, keeps calling me on my “hanger,” but he’s been so great with dealing with it, so understanding and supportive, that I can’t say I’ve been holding back from being grumpy over how all I can think about is raiding the damn fridge and cabinets. 

I’m in a doom and gloom mood that usually comes from what naturally happens when a human body is given health(ier) foods, lower calories, a bunch of water, no binge eating on sugary sweets (or anything, really) and physical activity. 

The good news…no…the GREAT news is that I’m on day five and, while I’m briefly miserable over my current and temporary situation, I am doing very well. 1400 cals a day. Activity every day. Water all day. Yadda, yadda, yadda. All good. No lapses. No binges. No desire to quit (which, ironically enough, stems from how hungry I am and how I don’t want to have to restart all over again). 

Tonight, the boys went out with dad to Moe’s and I stayed home because I don’t want to be around nacho chips or queso or fried tofu because I know my limits and I don’t want to mess things up. I’m about ready to go into the kitchen and prepare something that’ll fill up the remaining 465 cals I have left for the day. I’m going to stay up late this evening to watch “Game of Thrones” with the Mister and I’m sure we’ll both laugh the entire time over how loud my stomach is grumbling, but it’s okay. 

You see…I have two options to face on day five of resetting my entire system:

1.) I can choose to be obese, uncomfortable in my own skin and miserable

2.) I can choose to be hungry, comfortable in my own skin and miserable

Honestly…hunger isn’t that bad…and my body will reset naturally to the point where I’m not starving from only eating what I need to function on a daily basis (been there! It’s doable! I know it!). I’ll continue to be hangry for a little longer, yet I’ll start feeling less like a blob and more like a woman who is determined to get her health and stamina back. 

Gotta keep looking at the positives…even if it means I’ll be grumpy for a bit longer. The alternative is not really in my plans. 



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