As previously mentioned, I started using Rubbermaid’s LunchBlox kits for Jude’s lunch meals this year. I had a coupon for one and I’d seen some really neat lunch ideas on Pinterest. I figured it would be interesting to give this method a go. After purchasing the first LunchBlox kit, I was able to find another coupon in the sandwich compartment (WIN!) and it led me to purchase the salad kit as well. Why not, right?

Since I’m obsessive eager to plan for anything and everything, I created lunch templates to go with the box I got. The templates can easily be made on your own computer in Microsoft Word or even in the Paint section. If you have a Mac, well…I don’t know what you can use…I’m sorry, but I’m not that familiar with our laptop and I rarely use it. I did, however, upload my templates here for you guys to use. Here, you can find the RubberMaidBloxSandwich and the RubberMaidBloxSalad. A word of warning though, the templates are larger than the actual containers. Therefore, if you’re a nerd like me and you like to draw and color, you’ll have more room to put stuff in the templates than you actually will have when you go to place the lunches in there. You’re more than welcome to be slightly more sane and just write in what you intend to put in each container instead of doing the whole comics food thing.


photo (68)photo (69)


Here’s another example:

photo (61)photo (71)


Well, the salad one was more accurate, but you get the gist of what I’m sayin’.

So far, I’m loving these LunchBlox kits because:

1.) they keep the food items from touching each other. I love that. Jude loves it too.

2.) they help me keep portion sizes in check. In the sandwich kit, you get two of the small containers (each are 0.5 cup), one medium container (1.2 cup) and one “sandwich sized” box (2.6 cup). It helps me to keep portions small for my growing guy.

3.) So far, we haven’t had any leak issues, but he will be taking a balsamic vinaigrette tomorrow, in the salad kit, so…we’ll see.

4.) Easy clean up! I usually hand wash these guys, but I did pop them in the dishwasher the other night when I wasn’t in the mood to stand there at the sink.

5.) Jude loves them. He never knows what he’s going to find when he opens his lunch box each day. Plus, he finds it super interactive and that makes his meal times fun. Healthier and fun!

6.) I can change it up as often as I need to without any issues. For example, I made Puppy Chow on Friday and Jude got home with a note from the principal about how he is in class with a child who will literally die if they get anywhere near anything nut-related. That means, using the puppy chow as an in-class snack was a no go. So, I merely just added it to his lunch options and popped a vegan jerky in his snack’s place. It worked like a charm. No one was hurt and Jude still had his kid-friendly treat and I used my “binders full of lunches” to help me figure out what to put in there for his classroom snack.

7.) I have a reference for meal suggestions. Who wouldn’t want that? I can see what worked well, what didn’t work at all, and what Jude never wants to eat again (he wasn’t a fan of the strawberries and 1/3 fat cream cheese FlatOut! roll-ups I did last week). I can just turn to my binder and see notes I’ve made and that guarantees that Jude will have a lunch he’ll eat. (Especially since he’s already a picky eater, a vegetarian, a student who has a classmate with a severe peanut allergy, and we don’t have a ton of money to toss around on meals that’ll only end up in the trash.) This template/LunchBlox thing is my lifesaver…so far. I have yet to stress about meals due to their presence in our home. 😉

Today, I’m working on next week’s menu plans for dinners and lunches. While it’s exhausting, it’s already saved us a ton and we all like eating the same things for lunch. It’s become a nerdy family ritual around here. Plus, all the boys are excited to see what we have on tap for next week.

All right, it’s just Coco and me in the house now. There are things to tidy up and clean, meals to plan, and we just finished putting together a Pony Annex yesterday and it is just begging to be played with (more). I’m gonna run!

photo (70)

Enjoy the templates! Make today count!



P.S. I wasn’t paid to review those LunchBlox kits either. I am merely a mom who loves the product and who wants to share it. I’ll let you know if we have an issue with them.


11 thoughts on “LunchBlox

  1. I love the pony annex, especially the My Little Pony thrown in. 🙂

    I tend to pack my lunch is such a hurry, I’m lucky if it’s all in my lunch bag, let alone actually planned out with much thought at all. I like the idea of drawing the templates.

    • Thanks! We actually just fed the ponies and they’re gearing up for jumping practice. Haha!

      The templates would be great for you! At 6 a.m. I’m barely awake and not in the mood to try and figure out what someone else is going to eat in seven hours. It makes it a grab and go kind of situation and you can even pick and choose what things you can make/pack the night before to make the mornings even easier. Oh! Try it! You’ll love it!

  2. As someone with a niece that has a peanut allergy I want to say Thank you for cooperating with the school and avoiding nuts in the classroom snack. I do have a question though, does the child with the peanut allergy eat in the lunch room with the other kids? If so they could still come into contact with peanuts that way, just a thought that occurred to me. 😊Love reading your blog and seeing how your family is being healthy together.

    • They only eat the morning snack together in the classroom. They have a segregation system in the lunchroom at lunch time though. If the kids have anything with nuts in their lunch, they sit on one side. If they don’t have nuts in their lunch, they sit on the other. Just to be safe, I always ask Jude to sit on the peanut side. In the classroom, with the Blox system, I am able to keep the peanutty stuff away from the a.m. snack so the allergic child should be okay. The last thing in the world I would ever want to do is cause another kid to get ill (let alone go into anaphylactic shock). Yikes!

  3. Does Jude eat fresh fruit? I know this is only 2 day’s of lunches shown, but I see the dried fruit but no fresh fruit. Too many fruits get too messy and bashed up by lunch time, is that why he doesn’t take any to school?

    • He eats fresh fruits. He had a banana with his breakfast. For lunch today he had blueberries. The other day he had strawberry slices and apples, too. I try to keep the fruits from getting smooooooooshed the way they typically do as best as I can, but he still digs ’em when he gets ’em.

      • Yeah, I figured you’d be all over the fresh fruit, it was just something that jumped out at me. My kids used to take apples until they got braces and eating apples was just too difficult. Too many other fruits just got smashed to bits, but then by middle school and high school looking cool was too important, so taking lunch containers that could protect the fruit wasn’t going to happen. I just kept tons of fruit in the house for when they were at home.

  4. Very cool! I like having a bunch of different treats in my lunches- I’m sure kids love it too. Planning out lunches is so important- I actually posted about something similar on my blog today!

  5. Sure wish I had your talent and energy! You are doing a phenomenal job and I LOVE LOVE your new family photo! Sure miss you, though. Msg me sometime!

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