First Day of Second Grade

Sheesh. The time really does fly by. I mean, everyone says that time flies and that kids grow in the blink of an eye, but…it really does happen. No lie.

J-man went back to class this year and his first day went well. He likes his new teacher and he’s happy that he has three friends from previous years in there with him, too. We’re all excited to be back on a schedule and Jude is thrilled to get a break from his little brother. Image

Lunch was easy-peasy, too. I packed it all up last night and all I had to do was put the ice pack in this morning and secretly tuck the encouragement card in there after Mr. McGee and I signed it on the sly before the big guy crawled out of bed. Thanks to the new lunch system, I learned that Jude 1.) does like homemade, whole wheat pitas (chilled even) and that 2.) his lunch was still very large…large enough to keep him full and to still have leftovers (which he finished when he got home: the remainder of his carrots). I really like the system I’ve implemented since it’ll keep me learning and changing things up. Plus, the rest of us are pretty much eating the same thing he eats each day which saves us big bucks in the end and keeps us on a regimented “diet.”

Lunch diagram on the left, what he really took on the right: I skipped the cheese.

My pre-planned lunch template on the left and what he really took on the right: I skipped the cheese today.

Homemade Whole Wheat Pitas (Check "Recipe" tab for recipe - I used Whole Wheat Flour)

Homemade Whole Wheat Pitas (Check “Recipe” tab for recipe – I used Whole Wheat Flour and a little less EVOO)

I did change my own lunch around a bit because one of my residents (I work in a retirement home) gave me a home-grown tomato on Sunday and I wanted to make sure I ate that bad boy before it went bad. I took two of these pitas (they’re slightly larger than the size of my palm and relatively thin) and spread 1 TBSP of garlic hummus on each of them, then I sliced up the tomato (it was SOOOO sweet!) and put it on top of the hummus, sprinkled 1/4 reduced fat mozzarella cheese on top and baked it in the oven at 400 degrees for 12 minutes and it was TO-DIE-FOR. Oh, man. I’m totally making it a dinner very soon and adding in a nice, Greek salad as a side. So good!

I'll call this a Whole Wheat "Pitza"

I’ll call this a Whole Wheat “Pitza”

While I didn’t work out today, I will do so tomorrow. Today was the first time that it was only Coco and me all day, uninterrupted and we both snuggled and vegged out a lot. It was wonderful to not have fighting or to not constantly be doing scheduled activities either. Today was the first day I’ve relaxed in a very, very long time. I think I needed it, too. It was a extremely peaceful and enjoyable morning and afternoon. Every mama should experience one of those every once in a while.




13 thoughts on “First Day of Second Grade

  1. ZOMG! Here I am feeling all good about packing lunches for my boys some days and then you post this! Colored lunch plans? LOL I am soooo jealous! I just throw bits and bobs in and make it work. Uber cute though! Yeah for back to school and chill out time. My kids act way better when they are on their own as well.

    • LOL! Oh, man! Trust me! Don’t worry! I made up the templates and then just wrote in the words first. Then, I got to work and finished everything I was supposed to do and it was REALLY quiet around there (holiday weekend) so I picked up some crayons and filled in hours (yes, hours) of doodling foods and coloring them in just to keep me sane. Hahaha! Don’t feel bad! I just like to color.

      I will say this much though, I’m only going to be able to do that at work because it’s too time consuming (and a little crazy for a 30+-year-old to be drawing and coloring), but I love it since the whole house uses my “Binders Full of Lunches” as their guide in the morning (and then again in the afternoon when they’re seeing what’s in store for tomorrow). Remember…boys are very visual and they like seeing the foods. Haha!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!

    I love tomatoes, so that last picture of the tomato and cheese and pita looks very good.

    My lunch planning consists of figuring out what will fit into my lunch bag! I am a huge nerd, too, so the colored lunch plans are appealing to me, ha ha. Bring on the crayons!

    • No prob! I love reading the daily triumphs and tribulations of fellow WLBs. It makes me feel less alone in the day-to-day drag that is trying to get fit and stay healthy. Haha!

      It was soooo delish. I highly recommend. Maybe even with some caramelized onions, too. Mmmm!

  3. I have to tell you I’m SUPER stoked you’re on wordpress!! I’ve followed your blog for a few years now….but now I’ll know for SURE when you post!!! YAY!!

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