Introductions Are In Order


Well, here it is! The grand RELAUNCH! Sort of. 

I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress because I apparently don’t know any better. I learned that I’m not familiar at all with all this computer stuff and this will be shaky, at best, in the beginning. However, if you followed me over at my old blog, back when I was “chubby,” you’ll know that I love a challenge and I’m adding this whole, new Site and Layout business to my “things to tackle in 2013” list. 

I have basically sloughed off my old title. I’m no longer “Chubby McGee.” Now, armed with a new goal and attitude, I’m heading into the open water of yet another phase of weight loss and living a healthier lifestyle. This time, I’ve got the whole family front row and center. They’re no longer in the background. You will now get all the shenanigans of three boys and Bikini McGee. 

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For the new people here, I’ll do a quick intro. For the old followers (you guys know I love you because you’ve gotten me this far), I’ll just fill you in on the new goal(s) and the new direction of my very public venture into Bikini Land. After that, we’re both diving into this chaos together and, most definitely, I’m going to come out of it in a two-piece. 

Without further ado:

My name is Mrs. McGee and I have spent the last two years losing a lot of weight. I’ve eaten better (a lot less) and I’ve exercised a lot more. I went from 243+ pounds to 152 pounds and I’ve managed to keep it off since the beginning of 2011. Now, my new challenge goal is to get myself to my goal weight and to get my excess skin toned up and into a bikini that I’ll eventually wear next summer in 2014. I love doing crafts, trying to make recipes more nutritious, Geocaching, Halloween, and not being obese anymore (I FINALLY feel like I’m living life and I am loving it). I’m also a huge nerd and I’m honest to a fault. Sorry. 


I live with my wonderful husband, Mr. McGee, who has also lost a lot of weight, and our two sons. He is the funniest guy I’ve ever met and he makes me laugh on a minute-by-minute basis. I’m very proud of how far he’s come weight-wise and I love how he encourages me and keeps me focused on what is best for all of us as a family when it comes to eating and activity. He’s come a very long way from his 270+ pounds and he, too, is on a quest to lose about 20 more pounds because he loves the extra energy he now has. He loves music and pizza and he adores his family. 


Our oldest son is Jude and he’s the whole reason we started losing weight. Back in the winter of 2010, the docs told us they were very concerned about his weight. The word “obese” was thrown around a lot that afternoon and I sobbed knowing that it was my fault as a parent because…well…he was four years old and he weighed much more than he should have. He seemed unhappy and was rather lethargic and I made it my mission, right then and there, to turn things around for him and make it right. I learned, very quickly, that he needed positive role models to get him back into shape so Mr. McGee and I jumped right into eating less and moving more. Now, Jude, who just turned seven, is much healthier, at a great weight, and he is learning the ropes of how to stay active and eat healthy, nutritious foods. He loves penguins, the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, swimming, and going on long walks (he’s single, too – *wink-wink*). 


Our youngest son is “Coco.” Don’t worry. That’s just his nickname, but, for safety reasons, we don’t like to share all our information with readers. You understand. 😉 He’s three-years-old and he’s a big ball of quirk and energy. He’s never had any issues with weight and our goal, as a family, is to keep it that way. His partner in crime is a stuffed pony named “Coconut” and she goes everywhere with us. You’ll see. Speaking of which, he’s obsessed with me and ponies. It’s kind of unreal. 


Now that I’ve sloughed off my previous name (and weight,) I’m aiming to get into a bikini for the first time in my life. I also plan to take it one step farther by wearing that bikini in public. *GASP*

This blog will basically record my triumphs (and failures…should they happen…which they will…because I’m human) and, hopefully, show anyone and everyone that losing weight and/or toning up IS possible for all women…including those who have families and jobs in tow. 

Watch as the McGee Family takes on another challenge while facing the everyday grind of being four very different people, living under one very happy roof and enjoy the ride. I know I will! 



6 thoughts on “Introductions Are In Order

    • More than 3/4 of the people I read on Blogger kind of disappeared into nowhere. It was frustrating to see the same ten people update every one, two or three days. I tried to find new people to follow (I always need inspiration and motivation) and I wasn’t doing too well over there with that either. Then, I got the idea to try a new Site and see if I could find more like-minded and focused bloggers who update more regularly. Plus, it’s a challenge to me to try out a new system…and I like the more professional look (which also allows for upgrades should I want to go that route).

      The brilliant thing is that I can still read all the Blogger peeps’ blogs, too…even if I’m over here.

      • I’m happy to see you haven’t disappeared into nowhere! Being able to follow your journey gives me inspiration to keep going myself. I would be genuinely disappointed if you had decided to stop blogging!

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